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Student Activities

Micro Credit Conference

From August 19 to August 21, over 60 women all involved in micro credit gathered at the Methodist Conference Center in Gebeau. Renate Schneider from Haitian Connection helped organize the conference. A UNOGA student gave a workshop on how to set up a business plan, two other UNOGA students gave a conference and demonstration on how to make flour from breadfruit. The role of microcredit in society was discussed as well as the impact of business on the family. The women displayed some of their goods from embroidery to flower making to jams, wine and liqueur making. The conference ended with a visit to UNOGA where it was decided that the university would establish a nursery for the group.

Young Entrepreneurs Competition

Enderson Saint Louis étudiant à l’Université Nouvelle Nouvelle Grand ‘Anse (UNOGA), lauréat départemental du concours des Jeunes Entrepreneurs Innovants réalisé par le Ministère du commerce et de l’industrie.

Enderson Saint Louis, a student at the University of the Nouvelle Grand’Anse, won the Department of the Grand’Anse competition for young innovative entrepreneurs. The competition took place under the direction of the Ministry for Commerce and Industry.

Four Students Complete Journalist Training through Global Press Institute

Congratulations are in order to four women students at the University of the Nouvelle Grand’Anse who have been trained as journalists. The training facilitator was Renate Schneider, coordinator of Haitian Connection, who used the training guide provided by the Global Press Institute. Through our journalists, GPI has now opened a Haiti desk, and our articles have been published via the API news wire and in full. Renate Schneider is the country editor for the GPI Haiti News Desk and manages the four Haitian reporters local news coverage that elevates global awareness and ignites social change. GPI is building a network of professional women journalists throughout the developing world who earn a fair wage for reporting on their local communities. Their unique coverage of issues overlooked by mainstream media contributes directly to the development and empowerment of their communities, brings greater transparency to their countries, and changes the way the world views their people and cultures.

We congratulate Rosenie Mont-Gerard, Ganyelar Laurent, Mydrene Francois, and Lynda Michel.

GPI operates News Desks in 25 countries. The unique training-to-employment model offers rigorous, traditional journalism training with long-term employment opportunities for women in developing countries. In all, more than 5 million people have access to GPI’s unique news coverage each month. Through News Desks, complementary companion programs, social entrepreneurship and global partnerships, Global Press Institute strives to improve not only the lives of the women who learn about journalism with us, but also the lives of all members of the community

You can follow the articles on the GPI website

Students in Club 85

Students in the Club 85, which is UNOGA’s version of the Honor Society. Students in the Club 85 have to have a grade point average of 85 out of a hundred. Congratulations!

UNOGA Club 85
UNOGA Club 85

Student Community Service

UNOGA requires its students to do 100 hours of community service per year. Here students are engaged in a clean up campaign in Jeremie.

UNOGA-students-community-service3 UNOGA-students-commmunity-service1