Computer Lab Opens

In January of 2013 the University of the Nouvelle Grand’Anse opened its computer lab with 35 computers. Moise Yraus and Jean-Rony Manoune are providing computer literacy training to our students.

The opening of the computer lab also allowed for a collaborative venture between students from the University of the Nouvelle Grand’Anse and students from the University of Virginia. Both groups of students participated in an online class titled: Education, Culture, and Disaster, focused on the interrelationship of culture, education, and social change around the world,  with a specific focus on nations that have recently or are currently experiencing societal traumas, disasters, emergencies, or conflicts. The course was taught by Prof. Diane Hoffman from the Curry school of Education at the University of Virginia.


Student Thesis on local  Haitian chicken varieties and their characteristics

Andrés Marroquín’s draft report – Entrepreneurship and Economic Development in Jeremie

Globalization as Re-traumatization: Rebuilding Haiti from the Spirit Up – Diaz et. al.

Amenold Pierre’s Thesis from Universidad Austral De Chile

Factores Limitantes De La Actividad Forestal En Comunidades Rurales De Haiti: El Caso De La Comuna De La Vallee De Jacmel