Agriculture Program

The university agriculture program provides broad instruction in techniques and practical farming knowledge as well as tying into the management/business classes.

Agronomy Curriculum

Here is our current Agronomy Currriculum.

Trees That Feed Foundation Partnership

Trees That Feed aims to help reforest tropical areas with trees that produce edible fruit, in order to feed people while benefiting the environment.

Our current breadfruit project grows breadfruit and then turns it into breadfruit flour. This flour has a long shelf life and can be used to make bread and cakes. Breadfruit has a high protein content and more vitamin C than oranges or potatoes.

Here’s more information from a presentation, and more information about Trees That Feed can be found at their website.

Preparing the Breadfruit

Milling the breadfruit

Our breadfruit Flour


Gebeau Internship

With land made available from the Haitian Methodist Church and support for tools and seeds from the Methodist Church of South Carolina, UNOGA students are working with children from the local orphanage to farm and grow crops. The South Carolina church is also supporting the education of one of our students, Pierre Charles David, and helping make it all possible.


Anse d’Hainault Internship

Another internship site for agronomy students is in Anse d’Hainault where the mayor has helped make land available to students living in the area.